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l was a loyal virgin customer for 6years started as pays as you go then went to Supertab 8 months ago and then 2 weeks ago when l was having wifi data issues with my cell l called customer service , don't get me wrong l had issues before this one memorable one was no service while visiting family 1 hr away by no service l mean no texts no calls nothing when l called that time l was told l needed to sign up for long distance ......long distance for texts yaaaa it made no sense any who besides that only little hiccups , anyway back to 2 weeks ago when l called customer service l was told my cell had wifi even though it definately didnt they suggested taking it back to the store l got it from which was a kiosk l paid an extra $7 a month for customer care which is supose to replace my broken phone but was told to take it back to the dealer l got it from so drove to the mall go in was told nope you didnt need to bring it in you can call this 1-800 number .......... my cells volume does not work wifi not working l said is there anyway l can replace it here , they said ya you can get a free upgrade ,,,, l said ok sounds good so after l pick a phone and they cancel my current one the manager of the kiosk comes up and whispers something to the sales girl she then turns to me and says oh ya and that will be $160 now and you need to pay your old phone off soo $160 and $123 , l was shocked no mention of this until she cancelled my phone l said you didnt tell me that l want my phone back then and l will call customer care the girl says ok tells me my monthly rate will go up and l now only get 4oomb data instead of the 1 gb l was getting mad l said l want it back the way it was she says well l will try and l leave that was 2 hrs down the drain ......

2 hrs later the girl calls me says l need to come back l said l am at work l can come in tomorrow she says no no l am not working tomorrow how about the following day l say fine will come after church ...... 2 days later l go in she says basicly l have to pay my cell off it will be on my next bill l tell her again to switch it back to the supertab after 2 more hours of sitting there while she is on hold she tries yet again to sell me a phone l dont want and her managers says if l dont sign the contract that was written up 2 days prior l will have to pay 500-600 to get out of it , so l sign only to have my fiancee fklip the next day because the contract says l received the new $1000 cell .......... l call to cancel the contract they say l cant because l have to pay the $1000 for the new cell l got with it, after explaining what happen the customer service rep suggests going back to the virgin kiosk l got the contract signed l go MUCH MORE CONFUSION FOLLOWS to point where l finally say l am done with virgin and l want to cancel , only to sit on hold at the kiosk with a *** who tells me according to the supertab contract thats no longer in affect l need to give 30 days notice and pay for that l told the guy if he can hold me to the terms of the supertab why cant you put me back on that plan ?

he says we cant do that , and you need to pay ......... after 30 mins of arguing l gave up and told him thats fine l am done with virgin then a few hours later after l was told my cell would be on for the next month my cell is disconnected no warning soo can't even keep my number which l have had for 6 years gee THANX VIRGIN THATS HOW TO LOSE A LOYAL CUSTOMER!!!!!!!

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