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My name is Alicia Duffley. I was a Virgin Mobile SuperTab holder from 2011-2012.

In August 2012 I lost my phone. I called to have it suspended so that no one could use my phone until I found it. When I realized I was not able to find it (or thought I wouldn't), I called billing to see if I could have a payment plan arranged to pay the Supertab off, seeing how losing the phone was my fault. Upon this phone call on August 12th 2012, I was informed that I owed nothing because the individual I had spoken to earlier had wiped my owings on the account. The individual then told me "happy shopping" and that I owed nothing to Virgin Mobile.

I then left Virgin Mobile because I found a better plan elsewhere for a new phone, also keeping in mind that the individual had informed me of my "freedom." Months passed and I received a statement in the mail informing me that I owe $400 to the company. I then called, called and called some more over the next few months on this pending issue and every single time I was informed that "Complaints would be notified" or "We'll see what we can do." Not once did anyone tell me where this discrepancy occurred or why I was being charged for a company mistake.

I even requested the phone conversation to be pulled. Even then, they never pulled the recording and I never received notification as to whether or not the company was willing to help me through this confusion. In fact, no one helped me and to my dismay, on December 27th 2012, firstly transferred me to Accounts Receivable without informing me of the issue, I am informed that the VIRGIN MOBILE employee I had spoken to made a mistake, wiped my account and because of their error in telling me that I owe nothing, the company will not take the wrap for their own employees mistakes.

Not only is this a pending factor in my frustration, but seeing how I wasn't even informed of my ORIGINAL CONTRACT had been altered is a little irritating. Also, in regards to this, my ORIGINAL CONTRACT no longer exists as the company changed this over WITHOUT my permission.

As it stands, this is your companies platform, yet how does one be at rest when the company they are dealing with is trying to loophole them?

Adding to this ridiculousness, the supervisor I was speaking with TODAY when I insisted he help me, then told me to "have a wonderful afternoon," and hung up on me.


The worst part of all of this is, I'm willing to pay HALF even though THEY made the mistake and NO ONE seems to want to help.

Point is, you have one unhappy customer and I would like to be contacted in regards to this.

Monetary Loss: $447.

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