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I had an ordeal with Virgin Mobile where I asked them to port a cell phone number that I have with Fido. It took a month and they still cannot port the number over. Everytime I called the front line staff always told me that the porting was completed, (But My phone did not work that's why I called)...but once they dig a little deeper their technical department told me "somehow the porting is stucked" so I am able to make phone calls but not to a Fido number (how weird) and cannot receive phone call, however the voice mail went to Fido (that's weird, kinda work half and half on both carrier). Anyhow, It tool so long that I cannot use the number so I ended up getting another number to use. The problem is I cannot completely port the number over from Fido and I also cannot go back to Fido and have them cancel the phone number because the number is stucked on "porting out" mode. I ended up paying the bill for a phone number I cannot use. Finally, I wrote to the Executive office and a week later the porting was cancelled properly. I was then able to go back to Fido to cancel the number.

I also ended up writing to the CRTC and complain. Virgin called me back today 4/22 to say "sorry, and there's nothing we can do". It would be a nice gesture for them to pay my phone bill for 1 month for 2 phone numbers because I lost the ability to use the phone for 1 month and was forced to choose another number as a result. But they choose NOT to do the right thing so now I am here.

During the ordeal, I was calling then just about everyday, I was hang up 3 times. Their staff lied to me several times when they promised to "take care" of the matter and call me back. They never did.

Anyhow, as we stood the matter is still unresolved because I asked them to pay the bills and they refused to. Because we both disagreed and on the extreme side, the matter consider unresolved. We will see how the CRTC will rule on this one, I will update you all.


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